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Brand: Sanmum
Number of Items: 2
Use for: Neck
Material: Rubber
Colour: Gray
Package information: Bottle
Item volume: 300 Milliliters
Size: Standard
Style: Classic
Item form: other

PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL -- Rubber material that is odourless and recyclable. Can be used as an ice pack or cold water bottle. The hot water bottle cover is made of soft wool material. The hot water bottle cover can also reduce the heat loss of the water and prolong the use time. The cover also has the function of heat insulation and gives you a durable, warm and comfortable feeling.
SAFE AND EASY TO USE -- The heat bag is explosion-proof, leak-proof, which is good for daily use. Pregnant women and children can use it safely as it is odourless. Note: For your safety, do not use boiling water. Do not fill too much water, only fill 2/3.
PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS -- The hot water bottle has been leak detection and seal detection within 24 hours before it leaves the factory. The temperature of the hot water bottle can be maintained for at least 3 hours. If it is placed in the bed for ten minutes, it will warm up. Put it in the blanket and its temperature can be stored all night. Fluted outer surface helps maintain liquid temperature.
UNBELIEVABLE THERMOTHERAPY -- Adult hot water bottle are very helpful in relieving pain such as muscle aches, backache, cramps, earache and other minor ailments. Fill it with hot water and place it on your stomach to relieve dysmenorrhoea.
PERFECT GIFT CHOICE -- Bed bottles suitable for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, etc. Whether you are on the road, at home, in the office or outdoors, it is very practical and It is an ideal gift for for friends, family, children, sons and daughters.

300ml Mini Hot Water Bottle Bag with Knited Cover for Pain Relief, Waist, Back,

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